Holiday apartment near the center / Business apartment / Temporary living

Our living concept

The apartment and the service are designed in such a way that here temporally a short- to medium-term rental from 4 nights to max. 180 days is offered by us.

 Within your booked stay you only need a suitcase with your personal stuff, hygiene articles and your food,

everything else will be taken care of or provided for you.

You enjoy the combination of the advantages of a hotel with the advantages of an apartment for an individually fixable period of time.


Our living concept is ideal living solution for:


  • Private vacations here in the area
  • Further education and training of employees, also as employee shared apartment
  • Temporary solution for a long term apartment search here in Auerbach or in the area
  • Temporary solution for internal transfers / change of company
  • Interim solution for separations/divorce
  • Overnight accommodation for larger family events (baptism, communion, weddings, ...)
  • Overnight accommodation for fairs in Nuremberg or during the Wagner Festival in Bayreuth
  • For companies - for accommodation of trainees / staff as individuals or a shared flat concept
  • Overnight accommodation for assembly teams




Binding reservations from  4 night or longer can be set any time, periods below, soonest approximately 10 or 15 days in advance of the dermined booking period



Kontakt / Contact

HBG Hering

z. Hd. Herrn Jürgen Hering

Michelfelder Straße 12

91275 Auerbach in der Oberpfalz

Tel.: +49 (0) 9643 / 204401

E-Mail: Über Kontakt Bitte

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